Graphic Design Overview

We believe that creating an image that reflects your business is one of the most important activities you can undertake - it can mean the difference between success & failure. Good design ensures your fridge magnet stays on the front of the fridge and your flyer gets pinned to the notice board, not dropped into the recycling bin.

A consistent image throughout your business allows people to identify with you, becoming familiar with what you do. Identification will lead to familiarity, and if you're delivering a great service, familiarity to trust, and trust to sales.

Get it right and your business will grow. Get it wrong and you risk losing sales, either by pushing away customers or attracting the wrong ones. Without a good image or worse, with a poorly designed one - you look amateurish. Yes, you can live without a logo, but a great image will differentiate you from your competition, and help your customers to identify with you - all helping your business to succeed.

Why Sozo?

As Graphic Designers we know that we are measured by the results we produce. We therefore treat you as if you were our only client. We believe that your image should be specially designed for YOUR business. After all your logo and image are your personality.

With the latest technology at our disposal, our professional team can offer you the very best of choices. Let us help you to have the make-over that will make you look good and attract clients.

We offer exceptional design services without the price tag of the larger design studios.